Best Naruto Games For Small Memory Android Phones

Who doesn’t know Naruto? This Japanese-made animation has many fans all over the world, including Indonesia. Not only the anime series, there are currently many Naruto-themed products that sell hard in the market. This Japanese Anime was born in the form of comics, food, drinks to target other franchise businesses. Not only children, but many adults love it. Naruto’s success as a popular animation continued with a storyline that is still evolving to this day. We see the Boruto anime which is a continuation of the Naruto serial as well as the generations after it. Not surprisingly, both are adapted into a game that is aimed at all game lovers and Naruto lovers around the world. Anyone will feel happy when playing a game that has a character that they like.

Are you also one of those people who are looking for what game you want to play in the Naruto theme? Now you can choose the game you want based on the reference of several articles that will be reviewed in the following discussion. Are you confused about spending a vacation that’s all that’s it? Try to download some Naruto android games that are on this list of games. For you lovers of the very unique blonde ninja is certainly a pleasure in itself. Just need to set up a stable internet connection and snacks in the form of snacks and drinks will enhance your vacation with your favorite cartoon characters.

Best Naruto games for small memory Android phones

Best Naruto games for small memory Android phones

So what are the names of Naruto games that can be downloaded? Check out the following reviews and then choose based on what you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend your vacation time trying everything with the naruto download game on this list. Maybe it could be a competition for the closest people or family who are at home.

Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 3

Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 3 is a Naruto ppsspp game adapted from the character Naruto and his friends. There are many interesting features that you can try in it. One of them is a game with moves based on characters that you can apply in fighting every enemy that comes to defeat you. In this game, you will meet Susanoo who was asked as the main skill of sasuke’s brother, itachi. This skill has not appeared in the previous game series so you will feel a new sensation in trying it. In addition, there are also rin’s skills that you need to try to conquer to defeat all battles. In addition, your eyes will be flooded with 3-dimensional graphics and various features that are no less fun. you will feel the sensation as if entering into the game is so real its visual displayed. Moreover, the size of this game is quite light compared to other games that take up storage space, you only need 500MB of space to download it. What are you waiting for? you can download it through the play store right now.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing

This game offers a different sensation than most action games that you are used to playing through many pages. Ninja dash brings a very distinctive main theme with the moves and greatness brought by each character. you will feel the pounding because of the game that will awaken the soul of your gamers in it. Interestingly, ninja dash implements a game system that can be played by three players online. Of course, it is different from other games that can only be played in single player or double player. You can get this game for free through the play store application or other application and Game service provider applications. What are you waiting for? Immediately download this naruto online game and invite your colleagues to play it together in a time that can be optimized. The pandemic situation certainly makes us unable to get together with friends, right? So it’s not bad for you if you choose a game that will strengthen your friendship.

Ninja Runner Adventure

This game is more about the concept of endless running. However, Naruto-themed games have many features such as action and adventure that you can complete in each route. you will be faced with many missions to conquer. Not to mention, the skill of each enemy that will challenge you to defeat if you want to advance in the next fight. Although it has some of the same concept as the previous game, but this game will make your guts challenged so you will forget if this game is anime-themed only. Because, the concept of 3 dimensions and various neat and potential will make you excited. Some juiga graphics are made funny and interesting as possible so if you play it with children. They will not easily get bored even participate excited to undergo this game. How? Interested in trying it?

Ninja Manga Saga: to be Hero

General each Naruto game has its own characteristics. They offer different features but remain in the same variety. Identical is the case with this ninja manga saga Game. This Game will take you on a very exciting adventure rides to complete. Not to mention the super mysterious and thrilling missions in it. you will get carried away as if you are the main character in this prmainan. Just like the previous game, this game has a variety of missions that must be completed if you want to continue the next stage. In addition to the chic dimensions, you will be spoiled with character designs that seem cute and very adorable. you will feel at home playing this game together with your favorite colleagues and family. Curious, right? Immediately grab your phone and then download this game for free and easy. Don’t forget to be in a location that can reach the internet well so you don’t have to worry about playing it.

Ninja Kyuubi

You are certainly no stranger to kyubi who became an important character in the Naruto series. What if you have to play this kyubi character into the form of a game? Maybe you will feel a different sensation with games with other genres. Similar to the game that carries the theme of Naruto and kyubi, you will feel a passionate passion with all the features and challenges that exist in the game. It is not surprising that this game is ranked top as a game that is often played by many users. In addition, the nickname top grossing app in the Google Play store is also obtained this game because it not only gives pleasure but makes the mind become fresh after playing this game. Very, very great isn’t it?


That’s the information about the best Naruto shippuden game on smartphones that you can try to play with friends and family during leisure and vacation. Good Luck, Have Fun.

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