Best RPG games for Android and iPhone

Despite being an android game with the most popular genre by smartphone users, not many gamers know the notion of RPG games or Role Playing Games. This Game is focused on the action of the characters played. RPG games generally have characters, items, special equipment that must be played to be able to develop. There are single player and multiplayer options that can be customized by the player including creating or selecting your own character desired by the player.

This Game also generally has a wide and diverse place setting with a long game duration so that RPG games generally require users to prepare a large storage space capacity and operating system (OS) specifications that are appropriate to be played. Well, the growing development of the most popular RPG games is also what makes many game developers create various types of interesting RPG games that can be downloaded through the playstore both free and paid.

Best RPG games for Android and iPhone

Best RPG games for Android and iPhone

Of the many RPG games in the playstore, there are several RPG games that are in great demand by smartphone users with the number of downloads that continues to grow every time, here is the list;

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

For those who like RPG games, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a must-try RPG game, especially for lovers of Final Fantasy Series games. One of the Pioneer RPG games is not only presenting the game but also a memorable battle song soundtrack. Like other Final Fantasy series, players in this RPG game are also tasked with collecting various favorite characters to build three main characters from the team you create. In the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia series, the characters contained in it are not all available, such as Brave Exvius but still give a special impression to anyone who plays the game of this series by presenting cool battles through beautiful 3-dimensional graphics.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Still about Final Fantasy, this series of RPG games continues to be developed including by placing a special character, Brave Exvius, as the mascot of this game. With an attractive pixel art display will make anyone love the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius series. This Game tells about a place that stores mystery crystals that are the core power of this mystery world, this crystal becomes the main goal of this game where players not only try to find a crystal storage location but also face various enemies who are trying to block and even have the same goal. The characters that can be played in the Final Fantasy series Brave Exvius is also diverse, including Rain, Lasswell and of course Brave Exvius. In addition, there are also figures such as Vaan, Cloud, Noctis who can be used as part of the team of players. This Game does have the same mechanical tendency as Brave Frontier so that its developers process the graphic appearance by utilizing pixel art, but still produce an epic and exciting game appearance.

Black Desert Mobile

This Game is the result of the development of the previous version for desktop by carrying the title Black Desert Online, but although used in the operating system and the screen is certainly smaller than the screen of a computer monitor but still provides a guarantee of good graphics quality. The best quality guarantee to the user experience (user experience) that is easy is also what puts Black Desert Mobile Android version is used as an RPG game the result of the development of Black Desert Online as the best Android MMORPG game. The charming 3-dimensional graphics quality, the ever-new combat technique with a good animation variant will make anyone who plays it feel satisfied, including of course diverting Black Desert Online easily enough to be played via smartphone.

Lineage II: Revolution

Don’t admit MMORPG game lovers if you haven’t tried this one game. Yes, Lineage is back with its latest series with the title Lineage II: Revolution, after previously this MMORPG-based game was only released for PC. When released in Indonesia, this desktop RPG game that switched to android had become the most favorite and most awaited game by gamers, because the release distance between the previous series and the mobile version is quite far, with a fairly long wait for almost 1 decade or more than 10 years no wonder if this game was immediately hunted by gamers who had been waiting too long. Many updates made by the developers when releasing Lineage II Revolution are guaranteed to make any player feel at home. Grinding the level of friendly characters, up to dozens of cool features and the quality of the PVP mode is quite large plus the quality of charming graphics will make you unable to let go of this game while remembering when playing this game on PC of course.

Ragnarok: Eternal Love

Another game that was originally based on PC which later became the next mobile version is Ragnarok. This time, in the android version, the developers of Ragnarok namely; Gravity and Xindong present many more exciting and new experiences in the RPG game whose Android version is titled Ragnarok: Eternal Love. As an MMORPG-based online game, the developer promises a new game with a different quality than the desktop version as its initial stub. However, this 3-dimensional quality game still uses the same type as the PC version, especially at the level of damage that still uses a number font. But even so, it will not affect the quality of the game that is more exciting and of course simpler because it is enough to use a smartphone device.

Old School RuneScape

This Game has actually been around since 2001. At that time, this game was more targeted to PC users as a medium. For decades, this game has had fans reaching 200 million users. Seeing the high interest of the players, the developers then diversified the game that at first glance resembles World of Warcraft into the mobile version to adjust the times while keeping the game can still be used by loyal fans. The main task of the game starts with building a character, completing each question or quest that becomes the main challenge, creating tools, and hunting according to the previous version.


That was a review of some of the best role playing game (RPG) based games. In fact, there are many other RPG games that can be downloaded on the playstore as well as on other browser sites. It’s just that, some of the list of RPG games can be used as a reference for smartphone users and gamers. In addition to presenting good quality graphics, these games have also been downloaded by millions of users with a quality user experience with a good rating.

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