How to easily connect an Android phone screen to a Laptop

Nowadays watching movies and streaming videos are at the top of the list as a hobby of many people around the world. It could be the impact of a pandemic that requires staying at home. In this regard, many mobile users are looking for the best way to transmit a mobile phone to a laptop.

Are you also curious how to connect the HP screen to the laptop in order to enjoy the content freely? This article will provide the best ways that can be used to display the Android phone screen to a laptop or PC.

How to easily connect an Android phone screen to a Laptop

Screen Mirroring is a way in which you can mirror one device’s screen to another remotely. Usually this can be done on smart devices such as Android Screen mirroring on PC or vice versa. In general, there are USB and wireless network ways to connect the HP screen to a laptop. Before discussing more about how to connect the HP screen to a laptop, first consider the following preparations:

Enable Developer options on the Smartphone

In order to be able to open the USB debugging settings to connect the screen, first enable the developer options. The trick is quite easy because you only need to open the settings on Android and then select About Phone. Once the About phone view appears, scroll down and tap Build Number five times. Then go back to the system settings and you will see the Developer options appear.

Enable USB Debugging on Smartphone

This section is the main setting before connecting the HP screen to the laptop. To enable it, go to Settings and select Developer Options. When you see the many features in this option, you don’t need to be confused. Just scroll down and enable USB debugging. We recommend directly checking ” always allow “for the”Allow USB Debugging” pop-up. Thus, you do not have to repeatedly deal with these notifications.

The above preparation is useful on the way of USB connection. But remember that the screen mirror Android app requires a strong internet connection if choosing the wireless option. In addition, both media (Smartphone and laptop) must share the same Wi-Fi to transmit Android wirelessly. Here are the recommendations for the application of the choice of Ponselhub that you can use to connect the Android phone screen to the laptop:

  1. Vysor

The fastest method to silence the Android screen to a laptop is through Vysor. The app is very easy to use and multitasking. You can use it to view game play, screen capture, and anything else you can do on your Android device. The only drawback of Vysor is the price of its Pro features, which is quite expensive. From high-resolution Android screen mirrors to wireless screen sharing, it all starts with a subscription. But you can still use the basic features. The advantages of the Vysor application are its speed and it is very easy to set by the user. When using this application, users can share SS media and screen recordings.

How to connect an Android phone screen to a Laptop via USB with Vysor

  • Download Vysor software for Windows / Mac / Linux / Chrome
  • Connect your device to your laptop or PC via USB cable
  • Allow USB debugging commands on Android
  • Open the Vysor installer File on PC
  • The Software will then display a notification saying “Vysor has detected the device”
  • Now, tap View to Start connecting the HP screen to the laptop PC.
  1. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring application that is no less simple and useful. By using this application, you can not only control Android using mouse and keyboard, but ApowerMirror also allows users to control PC with Android. But of course this feature can be obtained with a VIP subscription. After subscribing to the ApowerMirror VIP account, you can connect the screens of three Android devices at the same time. Paid membership also provides features for doodling and drawing on the screen. Not only that, this application also has a keyboard Game feature that can map keyboard shortcuts for smoother Android functionality. The way to connect the HP screen to the laptop through this application is divided into two options.

How to connect HP screen to Laptop without Internet with ApowerMirror

  • Download and install ApowerMirror on your Windows and Android devices.
  • Enable USB Debugging in Developer Options
  • Connect device to PC via USB (Allow USB debugging prompt on Android)
  • Open the app and tap Start Now or Start Now on permission to take screen

How to connect HP screen to Laptop wirelessly with ApowerMirror

  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • Run the app on an Android device
  • Tap the M button at the bottom of the app
  • Select a laptop device name from the list (make sure it’s up and running)
  • Choose Screen Mirroring
  • Tap Start Now

Note: be sure to use the USB wired method first, not the wireless method.

  1. Scrcpy

Scrcpy is another free and open source alternative to all screen mirroring software. The best part is that you don’t need to install any apps here, but only Android ADB is needed. Scrcpy has all the methods of connecting an HP screen to a laptop. Whether it’s with USB or Android wireless network. The tools in Scrcpy support Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Due to Scrcpy’s not large size, the tool offers a very low latency rate. This is why it is so well liked by many users. However, the biggest problem with Scrcpy is that the settings are a bit difficult to set. For users who do not have technical knowledge of terminal, ADB tools, Command-Line, and so on will find it difficult.

How to connect HP screen to Laptop via USB with Scrcpy

  • Download the latest Scrcpy package and extract the zip file.
  • Connect the device to the laptop via a USB cable.
  • Allow USB Debugging confirmation
  • Run the Scrcpy application

To connect your Android phone screen to your laptop PC wirelessly, follow the previous steps and then simply enable wireless connection in ADB. Also, make sure your laptop PC and Android device are on the same wireless network. Follow these steps.

  • Connect the smartphone device to the PC laptop and allow USB debugging confirmation.
  • Enter the “adb devices” command to confirm the connection.
  • Now, enter the command “adb tcpip 5555” to enable WiFi Debug mode.
  • Disconnect the USB cable.
  • Enter the command ” adb connect ”
  • You can find the IP address of your Android device in Settings and then go to the About phone and IP address section.
  • Enter the command “scrcpy”


Well, that’s how to connect the HP screen to a laptop that you can try. Between the wireless and USB ways, there are advantages and disadvantages of each that can be considered. However, be sure to see the preview of the application and try the freenya feature first. That way, you can find out which way is most useful and has more value.

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