Top 4 Vivo Phones in 2022, See The Prices and Specifications

Latest Hp Vivo (March 2022) - price and specifications

Vivo is one of the best smartphone brands from Guandong, China. The company is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics along with Realme, OPPO and OnePlus. Vivo is engaged in the production of smartphones, clothing devices and digital-based services. Besides Oppo and Xiaomi, Vivo is one of the popular Chinese smartphone brands in Indonesia. Vivo is … Read more

Latest Xiaomi Smartphones (March 2022) – price and specifications

Latest Xiaomi HP (March 2022) - price and specifications

Xiaomi is one of the most intense technology companies in producing many electronic products and gadgets, not least Android phones. Currently Xiaomi is the 3rd largest smartphone distributor in the world after Samsung and Apple iPhone. Xiaomi designs, develops and sells smartphones, smartwatches, smartbands, mobile apps and consumer electronics products. The Chinese electronics company, which … Read more

Latest Asus Phones (March 2022), Specifications and Price

Latest Asus HP (March 2022) - price and specifications

In addition to being famous as a famous brand of desktop PCs and laptops, Asus is also quite popular among Android phone users in the country. It can be said that almost every new asus phone has always recorded high sales in the Indonesian smartphone market. Asus Smartphone itself is famous for the first time … Read more

Latest Huawei phones (March 2022) – price and specifications

Latest Huawei phones (March 2022) - price and specifications

Huawei is a Chinese smartphone brand that has recently been quite stealing attention. Because the latest Huawei cellphone with all its advantages is able to compete head to head with well-known brands like Apple and Samsung. Although echoes are heard in the country’s mobile phone market, Huawei is quite successful in the global market. That’s … Read more

Latest Nokia Phones (March 2022) – Prices and Specifications

Latest Nokia Phones (March 2022) - Prices and Specifications

Once the best in the mobile phone industry, Nokia is now slowly starting to rise again after deciding to compete in the Android smartphone exchange in recent years. Together with HMD Global, which is now the official distributor of its smartphone products, Nokia has consistently released its latest line of Android phones with innovations that … Read more

Latest Realme Phones (March 2022) – Price and Specifications

Latest HP Realme (March 2022) - price and specifications

Realme is one of the Chinese smartphone brands that has recently been quite popular in the Indonesian Android phone market, especially in the lower middle class Android phones. Realme first appeared in 2010 in China as Oppo Real which is a sub-brand of Oppo Electronics Coporation, a subsidiary of BBK Electronics. Then in 2018, Realme … Read more