The best Wallpaper apps for Android phones and iPhones

The use of smartphones today is not only limited to performance support devices as well as for information and entertainment needs but can also be used to show the character of its users. One of them is to customize the device to look different and of course stylish and not just display a display that tends to be monotonous so that it makes users get bored quickly. Because as is known today smartphones have become part of the lifestyle of people around the world.

The best Wallpaper apps for Android phones and iPhones

In the following article, summarized some of the best and latest wallpaper applications that are always updated by their respective developers so that android users can choose the application that suits the needs and completeness of the features of each application.

CMM Launcher

Although it is better known as a launcher application, but this application offers a variety of cool and latest wallpaper images by offering a large selection of interesting high-quality wallpaper images. In addition, this application gives freedom to its users to customize the user in accordance with the wishes without having to worry about broken images because even though it has been in the custom quality of the image provided still has a high resolution. Uniquely, CMM Launcher also gives the option to users of this application to be able to use sophisticated wallpapers in the form of animations that have been shaped in 3 dimensions.

Video Wallpaper

This application is a little different from other wallpaper applications, because in this application there are various types of video options that can be used as wallpaper on your phone. That way, the main screen of the phone will look different because it displays a moving image as its main display. With this video-based wallpaper, it will certainly make the user’s smartphone will look more unique with a variety of theme options that can be easily selected on the main screen of this application by making it a live wallpaper that will automatically move when the mobile phone backlight turns on. Not only that, android users who use this application can also create their own video wallpaper either by using existing photos or making new creations with a wide selection of formats ranging from 4K, 3D and even 4D. In addition to the ability to present video-format wallpapers, this application even provides additional features in the form of the ability to insert songs in each video that is used as the main screen of the phone. This application has also been integrated directly with various online video wallpapers, parallax wallpapers and other video and photo-based wallpapers that want to be converted into videos.


Don’t want to be left behind by other developers, Google has actually long had a wide selection of aesthetic wallpapers with a wide selection of interesting images that are always updated every time. Many unique wallpapers with a variety of backgrounds including natural phenomena, flora and fauna with artistic images that are very spoil the eyes of its users to keep lingering staring at the main screen of his phone. How to use it is relatively easy, android users only have to choose wallpapers that are grouped by their respective categories such as natural panoramas, flora and fauna with a very easy search method even for ordinary users though. With the guarantee of Google’s big name as the world’s largest search engine, smartphone users do not have to worry about this application will be inserted with malware or annoying ads that make Android users upset when using it.

Backgrounds HD

In the midst of many developers who present a wide selection of wallpapers with diverse features. The Backgrounds HD app still has a place in the hearts of its loyal users. This simple application that is already famous as a wallpaper provider has indeed been downloaded by more than 5 million users around the world. The availability of wallpapers with the latest images is what makes the downloader of this application still survive using backgrounds HD as a supporting application to replace various interesting images with the latest High Definition (HD) quality. In addition, how to use and apply the wallpaper that you want to use is very easy and can directly change the appearance of the phone home screen of the owner of this application.


Perhaps smartphone users already know this application as a ringtone service provider only. In fact, the developer of this application, Apalon, also presents a wide selection of wallpapers that are always updated when this application is downloaded by its users. Even with complete features and a wide selection of applications Zedge application is not too burdensome phone work because of its lightweight size and very easy to use. To find out the latest wallpaper, users do not have to bother searching or scrolling this application, because on the main screen of the application when clicked there is a menu option ‘latest’ and ‘featured’ that can be used as a recommendation by users to directly apply on the main screen of his phone.


In the next row of Best Wallpaper provider apps is Kappboom. Applications that can be downloaded for free on the play store is indeed very in demand by smartphone users. This is evident when it was first released on the Google Play Store, the number of voters has reached 400 thousand users. Not only that, the rating of this application is also fairly high, which is 4.8 of the 5 stars available, this is certainly a good indicator for new users who need the best wallpaper provider application. The main display and various menus in the friendly and friendly kappboom application make the download very spoiled when you want to find an image that matches the appropriate character as a display on the main screen of your phone. What distinguishes the kappboom application from other wallpaper supervisor applications is that the service is already integrated with android wear which is simple and easy and of course there is no need to pay when you want to download this application.


Such is the review of some of the best and latest wallpaper provider applications 2022 that can be used as a reference to choose the right application and in accordance with the smartphone of each android user.

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